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02 April 2012

Move It - Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard - The Singles Collection CD
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Listen free to Move It by Cliff Richard and The Drifters (original version) and download mp3s of Rock and Roll Favorites from the fifties and sixties. Request your own favorites to be added.

The video below shows a version that Cliff recorded live with The Shadows, his backing group that evolved out of The Drifters and which was to stay with him for decades after. Personally, I think this version lacks the zest of the original  studio recording with The Drifters.

Cliff Richard and The Shadows: Move It!

More about this song, from Wikipedia 

Move It is a song recorded by Cliff Richard and the Drifters (the UK band that would evolve into The Shadows). Originally intended as the B-side to Schoolboy Crush, it was released as Richard's debut single on 29 August 1958 and became his first hit record.

It is credited with being one of the first authentic rock and roll songs produced outside the United States. The song was written by Ian Samwell. Schoolboy Crush, written by Aaron Schroeder and Sharon Gilbert, had already been recorded in America by Bobby Helms.

Cliff Richard and the Drifters recorded their own version, which was intended to be the A-side of their debut single. However Move It was heard by producer Jack Good, who insisted that if Richard was to appear on his TV show Oh Boy!, he would have to sing Move It. The planned single was flipped, and climbed to number 2 in the charts, starting Cliff Richard on a career which included British hits through six decades.

Described by Allmusic as 'Presley-esque' and by Richard himself as "my one outstanding rock 'n' roll classic", Move It was written atop a London double-decker bus on the way to a rehearsal at Richard's house by the Drifters guitarist Ian 'Sammy' Samwell. A second verse was written by Samwell for the Hank Marvin album Hank plays Cliff in 1995, with Cliff Richard once more providing the vocals. The new version was debuted live at a Royal Variety Performance in front of Queen Elizabeth II that year. Since then, Richard has continued to perform the song with the additional verse. On 1 January 2009, since it was recorded 50 years previously, Move It entered the Public Domain in the UK and Europe. [Source: Wikipedia]

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