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04 April 2012

Runaway - Del Shannon

Del Shannon Greatest Hits CD
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Listen free to Runaway by Del Shannon (original version) and download mp3s of Rock and Roll Favorites from the fifties and sixties. Request your own favorites to be added.

Del Shannon co-wrote this song and in 1961 it reached Number 1 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 songs. It went on to be a major hit worldwide. Runaway remains on Rolling Stone's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

He followed this success with Hats Off To Larry, which also did well on the charts in the same year. Then came Little Town Flirt in 1962. Of all his songs Runaway has always been my favorite.

After these hits, Shannon continued his success, mainly in England where he had always been more popular than in his home country, the USA.

In 1963, he became the first American to record a cover version of a Beatles song - From Me To You - which hit the charts in the US before the Beatles did.

An old TV clip...

Here's a TV show clip of him singing his 1961 hit.

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