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15 April 2012

Tallahassee Lassie - Freddy Cannon

Listen free to Tallahassee Lassie by Freddy Cannon (original 1958 hit version) and download mp3s of Rock and Roll Favorites from the fifties and sixties. Request your own favorites to be added.

On Midnight Special

"The first recording of the song Rock and Roll Baby later titled Tallahassee Lassie, with a guitar solo by session musician Kenny Paulson, was rejected by several record companies, but was then heard by TV presenter Dick Clark who part-owned Swan Records in Philadelphia. Clark suggested that the song be re-edited and overdubbed to add excitement, by highlighting the pounding bass drum sound and adding hand claps and Freddy's cries of "whoo!", which later became one of his trademarks.

"The single was finally released by Swan Records, with the company president, Bernie Binnick, suggesting Freddy's new stage name of Freddy Cannon. After being promoted and becoming successful in Boston and Philadelphia, the single gradually received national airplay. In 1959, it peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the first of his 22 songs to appear on the Billboard chart, and also reached No. 13 on the R&B singles chart. In the UK, where his early records were issued on the Top Rank label, Tallahassie Lassie reached No. 17.

"Freddy Cannon stayed on the Swan label with producer Frank Slay for the next five years, and became known as Freddy 'Boom-Boom' Cannon, for the thumping power of his recordings. Dick Clark brought him national exposure through his numerous appearances on his television program, American Bandstand - a record of 110 appearances in total. In the words of writer Cub Koda:

"Freddy Cannon was a true believer, a rocker to the bone. Freddy Cannon made rock 'n' roll records; great noisy rock 'n' roll records, and all of them were infused with a gigantic drum beat that was an automatic invitation to shake it on down anyplace there was a spot to dance."

Source acknowledgement: Wikipedia

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