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17 July 2012

Testing MP3 Alternatives

My Google mp3 player just stopped working a while back and I had to edit every post on this blog to make the mp3 players work again. Google had apparently summarily killed off their mp3 player without notice. So I decided to hunt around for an alternative.

Which of the following three players do you prefer? Feel free to add your comments below. Thanks.

Google player option - still my preferred player:

Standard Google player with audio length, play status, and controls for pause, forward or back in jumps of about 8 seconds, and volume. Unlike the next two, this player does not reveal the source URL of the mp3 file down below in the browser. option:

When clicked on, this is, in a way, similar to the Google player, but without the Forward and Back options. Un-clicked, it remains a small button that expands to a play status bar once clicked on. One other advantage is that this player seems very fast in both loading and starting to play the mp3 once clicked on.

I obtained the embed code from the website. Just paste your mp3 URL into the text box on that page and hit Enter. Your embed code will appear in a box on the right, for you to copy and paste to your own site. I just used the default colours and size, but you could change those to match your needs.

As an alternative, you could also create your embed code at, with your own colour/size options, then save that code to your hard drive. Then, whenever you need to add a new mp3 file to your site/blog, simply replace the mp3 URL in the saved code with the new audio's URL. To make that easier for myself, I replaced the original mp3 URL in the code with a series of X's, like this: XXXXXXXXX . That allows me to double-click on the XXXXXXXXX and paste my mp3 URL in their place -- much better than trying to click and accurately select the existing URL to replace it. That's what I did withn this embed:

Yahoo media player option:

It seems this player has since been discontinued by Yahoo! embed player: have their own embed code and player, but some time before 2015 I could change the size and make it similar to the Google player, without losing their logo and their link to their website. So they didn't really lose any real mileage, in my opinion. It looked like this:

However, that embed code seems now to work only on posts already published with that code. For new posts, there's now a new embed code but it does NOT allow one to reduce the height of the player to below '400'. The result is that you get this enormous player just for one mp3 file. Below is the 'small' size that Box now offers (besides the medium and large options). This is totally unsuitable for my blog.

So, bye-bye mp3 player, though I still love you for my cloud storage of mp3's and other files.

January 2015 update - My conclusions:

For my own needs at this website/blog, I think I'll stay with the Google player. I have it saved to my account so I know it will always be available to me without some host website messing about with the code or discontinuing the file without notice, as Google, Yahoo! and others have done.

Since I first wrote this post, I've now had a new problem, as you've seen. So, I did more Googling for a good and stable mp3 player. I've seen some on the Web, but I'm by no means a tekkie, so I'll stick with the Google player that is now under my own control.

Do you want the Google mp3 player?

If you'd like to save the player to your own system, you can download it from my Dropbox account: Google mp3 Player


  1. I liked the google player and initially moved it to my dropbox public folder where I also keep all the music files, but in the end I bit the bullet and put the whole lot on Wordpress which is considerably more professional than Blogger. Their player is just an embedded audio tag.

    See what you think. It was a hassle but no more so than just porting it across and changing the player code - which you would have to do anyway if you left it on blogger.

    You find the new blog at

    1. Thanks Chas. Nice blog you have!

      I think I need to stay with Blogger at this stage, though, because WP doesn't allow monetization and affiliate links on their .com platform, which it is my intention to include on this oldies music blog of mine ... when I have time to do it all. I also need to add text content.

      On some of my pages I have used the mp3 player, which is similar to the Google player. One difference is that it starts streaming the mp3 file immediately so that it is ready for when the person clicks on the Play button. The problem with that, though, is that if you have several songs on a single page of blog music posts, all the players on that page (I assume) are streaming their files, even if the visitor only wants to listen to one or two on that particular page. Here's an example:

      It seems that for now I will mainly have to use the Google player at its my new cloud location and

  2. Hi, I'm a fan of your option and would love to use on my first website, which has been a work in progress.

    This might sound silly, but how do I get an mp3 URL? I've uploaded my mp3 files to dropbox, soundcloud, spreaker, google play, but for some reason when I enter the URL of my audio file into I am unable to playback. I must be doing something wrong, but can't figure it out. Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

    1. Kelly, it doesn't sound silly at all. These things can be a bit tricky at times.

      As a first step in trying to solve the problem, please let me have (1) the mp3 URL you're pasting into Block 1 on the website and also (2) the URL of the Web page on which you have embedded the code.

      You can either post those two URLs here, or send them to me privately via my Contact form at my website:

      Gavin, Cape Town

    2. PS: The mp3 URL you embed must have .mp3 at the end of it. At many of the file storage sites, when you request the URL for the file, it offers you an indirect URL (not ending in .mp3) that you can send to people or place on your site as a link. They then click on that link and the mp3 opens in an mp3 player at that storage site, not on your own site.

      You need to find the option to get the 'direct' URL. That one will end in .mp3 and that is the one you must enter into Box 1 at

      Now, some free storage sites don't give the direct mp3 URL. You have to upgrade to the pay version to have that option. I'm not sure about the storage sites you're using.

      So, check whether the URL you're embedding is in fact a URL that ends in .mp3 - if not, try to find the option at your storage site/s to get the direct link to the file.

      But still feel free to let me have the info I requested in my first response.

    3. Thanks for the quick reply, Gavin! I truly appreciate your willingness to help me. :)

      Per your request, here is the website page:

      As you suspected, it turns out that my MP3 URLs did not end in .mp3. I'm still trying to figure out how to get a direct link to the MP3 URLs. I was able to obtain what I thought was a direct URL from dropbox that ended in .mp3, but still had no success. Here are just a few that I've tried:

      Sound Cloud (currently using their embedded player, but it's large):

      Again, thank you very much!

    4. AHA! Success!!

      This forum explained how to get a free direct MP3 URL:

      Basically, you can just create a very basic free google site to host your mp3 files:
      Step 1: Go to to create a site
      Step 2: To upload your MP3 file, click on the "Create new page" button in the upper right, then in the "Select a template" drop down menu, select "File Cabinet"
      Step 3: Click "Add file" then select the files from your computer that you want to upload (FYI, there is a file size limit)
      Step 4: Once uploaded, right click to copy the link. This is the direct MP3 URL.
      Step 5: To embed, replace that URL in your player.


      I wasn't able to get to work, but I did get the Google Audio Reader and I'm very happy with that! :)

    5. Thanks for the feedback, Kelly. I'm pleased you found a solution.

      I'm not a tekkie expert by all means, but I think the reason the player won't work on Google pages is possibly because the Google mp3 URL could be coded to work only with the Google player.

      I grabbed an mp3 URL and uploaded it to where I have access to the mp3 file's direct URL. I then pasted that into the box and copied the code generated. I pasted that code into a Blogger post and it works.

      You can test it at this URL:

      Personally, I prefer to be independent of Google's mp3 player URLs. They've shown a habit of just changing things and not advising anyone, and people suddenly find that none of their mp3 files plays anymore, and the player URL has disappeared. That's something to bear in mind. I think Chas who has a comment higher up on this page is possibly one of those who moved his mp3 stuff from Google, lock, stock and barrel, for that reason.

      I too suddenly found that my music would not play, and had to rework every page to become independent of the Google player URL. I placed the player code where I have cloud hosting, so I KNOW it is safe from having its URL changed.

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