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It is not my intention to knowingly infringe any copyright restrictions, so let me spell out my position before anyone gets the urge to take legal action.

No songs are available for free download at this site; only free listening and paid download at

The blog is for my own entertainment and to introduce others born after the fifties and sixties to individuals' Rock and Roll favorites of that time, songs that not always  made it to the top of hit parades. The songs and/or performers are therefore often no longer so well known.

In effect, my promoting of the music of my teenage years may well boost sales and benefit those who offer the songs for sale on the Internet.

Here are some further notes:
  • The songs listed on this site are not stored at Google, but are accessed for listening via embedded links to mp3 or video files available to the public at various music sites, uploaded by others.
  • To my knowledge, for many of the recordings listed at this site the copyright expired after 50 years. So, songs recorded in the fifties and early sixties, at the height or real Rock and Roll, are now out of copyright restrictions. If some are still under copyright restrictions, then contact should be made with the person who uploaded the songs to the Internet.
  • This blog is being moved from another host service which has been sold, and this blog is still being reconstructed here, virtually from scratch. My plan is that, wherever possible, each song will include the following:

    • An mp3 player linked to wherever the mp3 file is currently available on the Internet, and an embedded YouTube video that someone has uploaded. This will enable the song to be listened to free of charge.
    • Some intro text about the song and/or the performer.
    • A download link where the individual track can be downloaded for $0.99 at or, where Amazone does not have and mp3 single-track download, a link to the page where the whole album containing that song can be purchased.
  • So, as I see it, I am promoting Rock and Roll favorites of mine, and of others who request a song to be added, and thereby bringing pleasure to people and promoting the sale of music at - where any royalties that may still be payable are paid by to the record company concerned and the composers and recording artistes featured.
  • If any song featured here is deemed to be in violation of any copyright restriction, please simply contact me, with substantiation of copyright infringement, and I will remove the mp3. That song will then no longer be promoted for sale at Amazon and the royalty owners may lose some income as a result.
  • I am over 70 years of age and was a teenager during the birth of real Rock and Roll music. But now I'm on a dwindling pension and don't have the money to pay legal fees and all that stuff. So don't even bother trying to sue me. Just ask for the song to me removed (with substantiation of copyright infringement), and I will oblige (and possibly call you ugly names under my breath). :-)  Click on my name below to contact me.
Thank you.

Gavin Hoole

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