Allow A Few Seconds For mp3 Player To Load

Allow a few seconds for the mp3 player to load in the space below the song title
The mp3 is usually this performer's original version


Audio Player

If an mp3 audio won't play in Firefox as well as other browsers, kindly use the Comments box below to report the broken link. I'll check it out and look for a replacement link online.

When reporting, please give the song post's URL or the Song Title and Performer's Name.


Also, sometimes a YouTube video has been removed from YouTube, either by the user of by Google. If you come across one of those, please report that too.

Many thanks.


There is a known problem with Google Chrome, where you'll find lots of complaints online about its inability to play some embedded mp3s and videos. So, if you experience a no-play problem in Chrome (or IE) then please try Firefox as an alternative. Firefox and Safari seem to have no such problems.

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