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Like to have your own favorite/s featured here?

If you have some of your own Rock and Roll favorites from the fifties or sixties that you'd like to have featured on this blogsite, please use the Comment box at the bottom of this page. Your submission will be acknowledged in the blog post featuring that song.

Details required

  1. Your e-mail address
  2. Your name and location (e.g. town, state/province, country)
  3. Song name and performer/s

Other helpful information that will speed up processing

  1. The URL (website address) where the song's mp3 (and optional video) file may be found
  2. Your comments/memories about the song
  3. Year recorded and any other information about the song and/or the performer
  4. The URL of an appropriate picture for your request, for example, the artiste or LP/CD cover

Use the Comment box below to send your request/s

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